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"The answer is I don't have any evidence and I'm very happy that the House intelligence committee (is) investigating," Conway told ABC's "Good Morning America. " She later tweeted that the administration is "pleased" with the ongoing congressional investigation and "will comment after. The auction house said in the description of the object that the phone was a "weapon of mass destruction ," and "arguably the most destructive 'weapon' of all time" as it was used by Hitler to give orders that led to the killing of millions of lives.

I am sure you would like it if you could get cash for your old phone. This depends on the make and age of you phone and the condition that it is in. Most of the time that old phone just gets thrown into a drawer and forgotten about. Well, there is such a business in the UK known as mobile phone recycling. � The following information should be useful in getting you some greenbacks. You may be asking yourself, �How can I sell my mobile phone for cash?

All telephone recycling means is selling your mobile phone for cash online. Well, the newest cell phone is available and even though there is nothing wrong with your current phone, you switch to the newest technology. It is possible to make anywhere between one and one hundred pounds for a used cell phone. 0 for easy data transfer. It supports GPRS, EDGE and WAP 2. Micromax Q5 comes along a trackball navigation with QWERTY keyboard interface that imparts a business phone like look.

0 browser for easy Internet browsing, with connectivity options including Bluetooth (with A2DP support) and USB 2. The 2 mega pixel camera offers a resolution of around 1600 x 1200 pixels with features like digital zoom, and video recording facility. Further, this handset also provides one touch social networking access with Facebook, with the browser being Opera mini. For entertainment Micromax Q5 embeds built-in games, FM Radio and a music player supporting major audio formats including MP3, AMR, MIDI and WAV.

This Micromax Mobile Phone's battery offers talk time of around 5 hours with a standby time up to 180 hours with a single charge. This is a winning combination! Also, you are being environmentally conscious and keeping electronics out of the land fill. There are many great reasons to recycle mobile phones besides the fact that you get cash. It helps people that may not have been able to afford this technology, receive it. These phones are refurbished or the parts are used in developing countries to help with their ability to communicate.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway says she doesn't have any evidence to support President Donald Trump's claim that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower phone lines during the election. Trump's critics have slammed the president for making the explosive wiretapping claim on his Twitter account without evidence. citizen would require special permission from a court, and Trump as president would have the ability to declassify that information.

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