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It happened around 18 years ago. Back then, I was just a kid with no knowledge in numerology or astrology. But I knew there was something called luck. I was also able to tell which places are nice places to go and which are not.

October 8: You are governed by the indian numerology 8 and by the planet Saturn. You are also influenced by the Moon. You are a good organizer and an executor of big projects. In the coming year, your efficiency and sincerity will clearly reflect in your work.

Why? A reason maybe a lack of experience. Another reason may be because my luck pillar was unfavorable for relationships back then. But the most important reason is I did not know where to focus my time and energy. I kept choosing the wrong person.

Besides looking at the primary number, you should also look at the secondary number. If there is affinity between the secondary numbers, there is a chance that the couple will stick together.

The Horse is the seventh animal of the chinese zodiac. Horse people have very unique personalities. Throughout their whole lives, they would never admit defeat. They are very poor losers. In everything they do, they always want to be first.

October 24: You are governed by the planet Venus and dominated by the Moon. You are also influenced by the number 6. You are full of confidence and do not underestimate you capabilities.

After reaching heaven,the Rat jumped down from the head of the Ox and became the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac.Although this was very unfair for the Ox,he did not hold it against the Rat.In fact,he was happy for the Rat for being number 1.

Confused? Don't worry, you don't need to be. Although this practice is one that has been around for centuries and there are deep levels of understanding required, there are specialist numerologists out there that can help and guide you through life using this system. They can take your name and let you know what it means, they can take your birthday and other significant times of your life to find out so many things about you that it can help define who you are and identify where you may be going in life.

It will be something that will have an effect on your lifestyle. Winning the lotto is mainly all about you and your luck; the latter is some thing you can't do a lot about. Always try to choose numbers that are lucky for you.

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