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Turned on charcoal masks on the market today are numerous brands such as G. mask, Nicemask... but in a nutshell, it is split up into two types for buyers to choose easily. That is activated grilling with charcoal mask 3 layers and activated mask 4 levels.

Activated carbon, also referred to as Turned on Carbon, is a form of activated carbon that is activated at nine hundred to 1000? C in an anaerobic atmosphere, producing a very large capillary carbon that increases the area Contact surface, low density. Science has shown that only 1 gram of activated carbon having a surface area of more than 500 m2 is determined by adsorbing isotherms of carbon dioxide in the laboratory. Triggered carbon is able to adsorb impurities, polluted gas molecules, microbial filters, and so out Therefore, activated carbon can be used a lot in our lives.

The composition of activated charcoal masks

Cau tao khau trang than hoat catral works fine

* 2 levels or 3 outer levels of non-woven fabric to filter dust particles

* The middle layer is turned on carbon to filter damaging molecules.

Uses activated grilling with charcoal masks

- Activated cooking with charcoal briquettes masks have the capacity to cover dust and sunscreen, it also helps you prevent respiratory diseases caused by harmful fumes and bacteria.

- Lively mask has a tiny difference filtered dust, toxic chemicals. Active fibers adsorption of gas, toxic gas in the air. Also embracing the nose and jaws should be more secure.

- Quite effective in stopping dust, bacteria, waterproof, substance, user safety, cool, comfortable, hypoallergenic, nasal bar helps mask in position and Closed, sterilized by EO gas.

How to use stimulated charcoal masks to bring high efficiency?

Firstly, by using a clean active mask, there should be two to three masks to change. Should wash the energetic mask when out of the environment, many poisonous smoke,...

- Letter two, use appropriate active hide. It is a medium size nose and mouth area mask that is near the face. When putting on masks you should contract the iron ring on the bridge of the nose to shut.

Just how to clean the site

- Third, detoxifying the active mask. To do this you may use one of two ways: One particular is to boil the active mask in 1% salted water and steam for a quarter-hour. The second is soaked cover up in the antibacterial cleaning soap a quarter-hour then completely mop and rinse with clean water, exposed to the sun.

- Next, do not use more than 30 times. To make certain safe masks, after 35 washings you should completely replace and not recycle.

An email that GARAN - Vietnam we always remind customers not to buy floating goods on the sidewalk at an inexpensive price because they are usually sewn from forms and spongy scrap has brought many micro Pathogenic bacteria

To buy a clean face mask or an established face mask you should go to a pharmacy, or a shop selling specialty medical products. Should use the items of the prestigious brands such as G. Cover up, Nicemask... to ensure the best safety for you.
Please contact GARAN Company Ltd +84968281168, or

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